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Note: Tixture is currently in Beta and free for unlimited use.

How it works?

Here's how Tixture is different from other Social Media Graphics Design tools:

Awesome designs in less than a minute

You provide the text content. Tixture intelligently weaves its designs around your content. Select the one you like.
Its that simple.

Rethinking Graphics Design

No blank canvas to start with.
No hunting for backgrounds.
No designer's block.
Just pick and choose what you like.

Designs that work

Layouts, backgrounds, fonts and styles are regularly refreshed. Keeping ones that work while always adding new ones to the collection.


Have a look at Tixture screens. Get a preview of what it is all about:

Enter your text and select a size to design your graphic

Enter your content

Input your text and choose your size

Select from many of the designs

Choose your graphic

Sift through many Graphics that Tixture designed with your content

Select from many of the designs

Ask for more if you didn't like any

Let Tixture create more Graphics if you didn't like any.

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For any queries, questions or just to say a hi, please write into us at [email protected]